Why it’s Important to inspect your gutters

Carrying out regular gutter inspections and maintenance is necessary in order to prevent more serious and expensive issues from occurring.

Problems such as; Subsidence and damage to the foundations of your property, the roof or internal water penetration can all be prevented easily by taking a proactive approach now.

Insurance companies such as Hiscox agree and recommend regular gutter maintenance, furthermore most insurance companies don’t accept claims for damage to a property when the cause is due to neglect.

How to inspect your gutters

The purpose of carrying out a gutter inspection is to identify problems early on.

Although National Gutter Cleaning can provide a thorough gutter clean and inspection that includes various minor repairs for peace of mind, the reason for this guide is to help you carry out your own gutter inspection.

Below are a selection of things to look out for, all of which can be done without setting foot on the rung of a ladder.

Step One

Does your gutter contain any visible debris?

We’ll get the obvious one out of the way first.  

Gutters are supposed to disperse water away from your roof, the building and it’s foundations. When they retain debris such as leaves from nearby trees, moss from your roof or a build-up of sand washed off the surface of your roof tiles over time – Problems can escalate quickly.

A visual check for debris inside lower level gutters is sometimes achievable from first floor windows. If you can, be sure to do this periodically.

Observing high level gutters by looking up from the ground can sometimes reveal signs too. Walk around the property to see if you can spot any debris sticking up over the top. Pay particular attention to corners – These areas commonly contain more substantial growth.


“ Looking up from the ground can reveal visible growth ”

Step Two

Are there any water marks on external walls?

Water damage on external walls is usually caused by a deficient gutter system or one of its components. It’s a good idea to check around your property for signs of water damage on external walls because they don’t always stand out, especially if they’re in entries that are less frequently used or above extensions.

The black mark on the wall above was caused by a leaking gutter union situated directly above.  

A constant drip onto the garage roof had been occurring for quite some time unbeknown to the customer. In this example the garage roof covering had sustained damage and the brickwork mortar had eroded.

Water marks down the corner of this property were caused by a down pipe blockage.  

In this case the customer acted swiftly and we advised that the wall will dry out relatively quickly.


“ Check areas that are less frequently used ”

Step Three

Are birds attracted to your gutters?

If you notice birds gathering around your roof and gutters it’s often a tell-tale sign that the gutters are full. Birds are attracted to dirty gutters and moss-covered roofs because they contain a food source well away from the ground.


“ Check for birds in or around your gutters ”

Birds are attracted to full gutters because they contain a food source

We looked at some past data and discovered that almost 70% of customers with issues such as these were unaware until our visit.

“ Pay attention to brickwork hidden above extensions or garages ”

“ Pay particular attention to corners ”

“ Check for fallen moss on driveways, this is a sign that gutters are full ”

Roof Damage
Foundation Damage
Water Ingress

Expensive problems to remedy

Our advice = Be proactive

What you will learn

Why gutter inspections are so important

How to carry out your own gutter inspection

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