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Gutter Cleaning by NGC

We are serious about gutter cleaning. From day one we set out to offer a platform which offers great convenience but more important than that, a service which doesn’t disappoint.

Fixed prices

Book online

Pay on completion

100 % satisfaction guarantee

The level of service that we offer is through and effective for both customers that have specific known issues or ones who understand the importance of taking a proactive approach.

Gutter debris removed

Gutter brackets & joins checked

Down pipe blockages unblocked

Water efficiency test carried out

FREE minor gutter repairs included

Before & after images shown

Allows us to be more thorough

Our hand clean approach

Why we prefer to hand clean

In our opinion, Cleaning gutters by hand is the best approach.

It allows for a more thorough clean as well as our detailed inspection to be carried out.  Whilst up there we also test for efficiency and the include a variety of FREE minor repairs should they be required.

The gutter clean

When your gutters are blocked or contain debris, If they are not attended to properly you may begin to experience irreversible damage to your guttering, fascia and soffits or roof structure.

A whole series of additional problems can result from a lack of gutter upkeep and we’ve seen devastating consequences countless times. We take the job seriously by ensuring all debris is removed from your guttering.

Before and after photographs

Don’t just take our word for it!

We will show you clear before and after photographs in order to demonstrate how hard we’ve worked and to offer complete peace of mind.

All brackets checked

The extra weight of debris contained in your guttering can loosen the gutter brackets. National Gutter Cleaning will individually check all brackets to ensure they are tight and securely fixed in position.

Joins (Gaskets) Checked

Over time the gaskets of your UPVC guttering can perish or move out of position due to the natural movement of your guttering or prolonged exposure to water. When this happens leaks can occur which eventually lead to bigger problems. We will check all joining sections of your guttering to ensure everything is functional.

FREE minor repairs

We’re a hands on kind of company and carry out minor gutter repairs for FREE. Things such as unblocking down pipes, re-securing loose parts or carrying out re alignments are included. And in cases where additional work might be advantageous we’re experienced enough to give the best advice.

* Access permitted

To summarise…

We are a hands on company which means we can do a lot more - and we will do a lot more.

In terms of pricing we’re very reasonable too especially so if you consider our special deal.


Fascia and soffit cleaning is one of our most popular services. If you haven’t had your fascia and soffits cleaned for a while, order it today to get our gutter empty (and all of the above benefits) for a massively discounted rate of only £20.

About our fascia and soffit cleaning

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